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MED SEED LIGHT SHADE / Dia 510mm x 400H

$420.00 NZD

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Elevate your space with the Medium Seed light shade, a beautifully designed and meticulously crafted piece that combines form and function with striking results. This geometric shade is handcrafted from a single sheet of heavyweight paper, creating a texture that is both tactile and visually interesting.

Designed to fit seamlessly with any pendant light fitting, the Medium Seed emits a warm and diffused light that creates an inviting atmosphere in any space. A subtle diffused glow is perfect for setting the mood in your living room, bedroom, or workspace.

What sets the Medium Seed apart is its clever folding pattern, which creates a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. Its bold and modern lines make a statement in any room, while the warm and natural material of the paper adds a touch of warmth and sophistication.

And when it comes time to store or transport your Medium Seed light shade, its flat-pack design makes it easy to disassemble and pack away until you're ready to enjoy it once again.

Upgrade your lighting game with the Medium Seed light shade - a versatile and stylish piece that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Light Shade Details:

 510Dia x 400H

You can choose from the following paper options: 

- Artist Paper, Matt, 200gsm. 

- PU Paper, synthetic paper, water cleanable, more durable, 200gsm.

*Local Wellington pick up option available, please get in touch to confirm. 

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